Originalism 101

Withers Brown 128

Join us to hear UVA Law Professor Larry Solum and GULC Professor Randy Barnett speak about the ins and outs of originalism, an important method of constitutional interpretation.


Caplin Pavilion

Join the Federalist Society at UVA Law for our annual "Round Up" of the previous Supreme Court term. UVA Professors John Jeffries and Dan Ortiz will join GianCarlo Canaparo of the Heritage Foundation to discuss some of the key decisions and ongoings that happened at the Court in their October 2020 Term. Lunch will be provided […]

Four Types of Religious Liberty Cases

Purcell Reading Room 580 Massie Rd, Charlottesville

Join religious liberty experts Jordan Lorence and UVA Law Professor Douglas Laycock discuss the various types of religious liberty cases and how they operate in the courts. Lunch will be served after the event.